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Vacations can help along the weigh

4 Apr

I have always been one of those people who firmly believes that a vacation should mean relaxing in every way possible – no calorie counting, stressing about hitting the weights, etc. However, as I’ve come to really enjoy running (and how I feel afterwards) I decided it might be time to start incorporating running and/or other exercise into my vacations.

This past Christmas I was lucky enough to go to the Dominican with my boyfriend and his family and I managed to get a few short runs in on the beach along with some beach yoga. It reminded me that, for all those days at home that I force myself to slog my way to the gym or through a mandatory few kilometres to make sure that dessert doesn’t stay put, there are still a few days that I absolutely love getting active. I have discovered that vacation can be a great way to remind yourself that sometimes you exercise because you want to and not because you have an event coming up or you ate an entire meat lovers pizza over the weekend.

This past long weekend my boyfriend and I made the long (12-13 hour) drive home to see my family that live a few provinces away. After being cooped up in the car for so long I couldn’t wait to roll out of bed the first morning and hit the ground running…literally. While everyone was still asleep and frost was still on the grass I started a leisurely 5k through an area where I grew up playing with friends. There were so many more hills than the flat Rideau canal I’m used to running, and yet it felt amazing! For once, I didn’t check my pace or stress about a finish time. I just enjoyed the feeling of running, hitting the sweet spot in rhythm between your feet hitting the pavement and your controlled breathing…and because my mom lives in a very small community (and I was running on the first morning of a long weekend) I managed to sing a few songs at the top of my lungs since no one was around – something I definitely can’t get away with in Ottawa.

While I was home I managed to get a few more days of exercise in and it felt great! I came back from vacation just as refreshed as ever and with a renewed sense of enjoyment for what had become a bit of a chore…I still didn’t count calories though 😉


Life has a funny weigh…

13 Mar

So ladies and gents,

Today I wrote about how lately I have been settling into a new challenging job.

It really reminded me that if you let it, life will surely provide you with a million and one reasons NOT to do things. The trick is figuring out how to do them anyway.

Over the last few weeks my lunch breaks have been few and far between. At first it really bummed me out that I wasn’t able to do my lunchtime strength training classes as regularly as I had in the past. However, I stuck to my plan and added a little more strength training in the evenings. I was proud of myself! Even better missing some of the classes has made me realize how much I really enjoy them. Because of this, I no longer hesitate for even a half a second on the days that my schedule allows me to take advantage of them.

Two years ago I never thought I would be missing the days I couldn’t fit two workouts in…I’m a new person and I like the new me, I don’t think ill be letting the old me come back (at least not without a fight).

Even though I’ve been super busy over the last few weeks I am trying to focus on what I HAVE accomplished rather than where I’ve slipped up. Here is my list and I would love to hear what you’ve done lately that makes you proud:

– ran a new PB 10k on the treadmill
– signed up for a half marathon (even though I’m petrified)
– kept doing push-ups even when I was sure I’d fall on my face
– tried a new workout and didn’t quit even when I was working so hard I was nauseous (Insanity…whoa! Push-up jacks are killer)
– managed to motivate a few friends with my dedication (even though they probably motivate me even more)
– moved up to heavier weights in my strength training class
– managed 20 explosive push-ups in a row and 10 military push-ups

I’m proud of me! Be proud of you too…and if you aren’t, do something you’ll be proud of right now! Why wait for tomorrow?


Snacks a-whey! Part II

10 Mar


So pumped for the treats I bought today! A little bummed I couldn’t find the white chocolate trail mix…but I did also buy a new shaker bottle (pink)! They were buy one get one half off at GNC, if you’re in need!


Snack a-whey!

7 Mar


Afternoon snack 🙂 so much for giving up chocolate for lent!

When others see the weigh

6 Mar

Today I was reminded how we get so used to overcoming certain obstacles that we forget that we even have to do so. It becomes a matter of habit, as natural as breathing. Sometimes we are lucky enough that those obstacles are eventually taken away…taking weight off of our shoulders we were unaware we were even carrying.

Today my live-in boyfriend expressed an interest to me in eating healthier and being more regularly active. Now, don’t get me wrong he is far from a couch potato and he eats relatively well. However, his natural athleticism has sometimes led to him slacking off when others would have to push through a barrier and he has been known to dismiss “brown pasta” or “bread with seeds” as non-options.

His expression of interest in choosing a healthier way of life meant today when I was making dinner I didn’t have to wonder if he would think chicken and veggies would be “enough” or if I would have to “sell him” on something new to try or hide a healthy option under sauce. Today I got to make fuss free healthy dinner.

I also know that later when I prepare to hit the gym ill have some company on the walk there (we don’t socialize much while there) and I also know I won’t have any bad influences trying to keep me home because it’s too cold…or late…or what have you.

Today I was reminded how nice it is not having to fight temptation at home. I’m so used to being in this alone and trying to stick to my path despite his efforts…I can’t even begin to imagine all of the energy that was wasted before…now it can go to good use -at the gym!!!

Ill take advantage of today, because as much as I hope he will stay motivated (and I will be his #1 cheerleader), I know tomorrow may mean I’m on my own with my almond “juice”. (He says it can’t be called milk because you can’t milk an almond…in all fairness, he is correct)




Feelin’ like a champ after a new PB 10k :)

5 Mar


Making Friends Along the Weigh

26 Feb

Today, and most days actually, I was reminded of how lucky I am to have a group of incredibly fit and active friends. It make staying on (or getting back on) track so much easier! It also makes creating new gym playlists incredibly easy as I can often ask them for their current favourite gym jams. They are a great resource for new classes, routines and most importantly, and ever-present source of encouragement. A few of us will even be running a 10k together in May and a half marathon in September.

They are always encouraging me to try new things or, like this weekend, participate in active events. This weekend me and a few friends will be participating in the GoodLife Spin 4 Kids (http://goodlifekids.akaraisin.com/common/Event/AboutUs.aspx?seid=6233&mid=58) – this is a great fundraiser that raises funds in support of getting kids active! PLUS – we get our spin class in on the weekend, get to hangout together and, of course, get a t-shirt!

Also, I have a friend I have convinced to be my “accountability buddy”. Basically, each week we tell each other our workout plans for the week and it makes us more accountable (than we would be just to ourselves). Seeing how great she does and how committed she is never fails to encourage me to go even harder! She is around for runs and outdoor bodyweight workouts when the weather is nice and helps me stay away from treats if I text her in my moment of temptation! Her support is invaluable to me and I know she appreciates my motivation (especially when I’m yelling at her during a training session) and putting together challenging and creating workouts for us to do together helps me push myself out of my comfort zone.

Are you lucky enough to have a group of fitness addicts surrounding you (like I do?) or are you challenged by the temptation your friends present? How do you motivate your besties (and vice versa) to get off the couch and get moving?