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When work is getting a-weigh on you

19 Apr

This will be a short but sweet post from my mobile.

Today I had a last minute meeting with execs thrown my way because my boss was sick. Also, this meeting was scheduled even after my normal work hours…but being me and relatively ambitious I pounced on the opportunity to have my boss gain more confidence in me – I accepted in an instant.

This is when I realized that the saying is true…there will never be time for exercise unless you MAKE TIME. I was thinking how I’d never get in my gym/run time when I realized I could fit in a Zumba class at lunch. Now I know Zumba isn’t always the most epically challenging of fitness classes, but it was better than nothing…and surprise! She snuck in a whole song of wall sits.

So, folks what is your excuse? I worked 2 hours OT today before even thinking of being off and still got my sweat on, you can do it!!!