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First races have a weigh of getting to you

30 Apr

Hello all,

Apologies for my absence but I was traveling for work last week and it left me absolutely wiped.

However, I needed to take the time to write about this past weekend as I’m so proud of someone! A friend of mine’s baby sister ran her first 5k last Sunday!!!

We all signed up to run a 5k fundraiser for make a wish foundation and even though she is not someone who considers herself a runner she jumped in for the challenge enthusiastically. She may have been incredibly nervous, and may have needed to borrow a sports bra and scrounge around for some old runners in her sister’s basement…but she did it! (In 33 minutes no less – a great first time!!)

All 5 of us finished in the top 27 and after worrying about not having pushed my pace enough lately I managed to shave a whole minute off of my time last year! I’m proud of all of us and super pumped for our 10k next month (25 days to be exact).

I hope you all get out there and take a page from my friends little sis’ book…try something new and active. Who knows you just may end up loving it!!