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The Canadian Weigh of Life

11 Feb

This post will be short, but sweet!

This past weekend I was reminded of how incredibly lucky I am to live in a country/region that is so incredibly beautiful that you can forget what you are doing could be considered “exercise”.

Some of my friends and I went on a ski weekend to Mont Tremblant on Friday. Although my thighs and hammies were burning for much of yesterday I was reminded just how fun and effortless exercise can seem when you are surrounded by friends, beautiful scenery and perfect weather!

This got me thinking…if I am lucky enough to live in a city that has the longest outdoor skating rink in the world, separated by only a bridge to one of the best snowshoeing and hiking sites known to Canadians, and just a hop, skip and a jump from a handful of top class ski resorts…what do other people have at their disposal that can help them get in a few hours of exercise
that will go by much quicker than spending that much time churning away on the stair master?

So folks…what do you have in your city or nearby? What could or will you be doing this weekend to make your training a walk in the park (maybe literally)?