Putting too much weight in what the scale says

3 Jul

I am well aware that I have seriously slacked in the past month or so in terms of authorship…however, something great has come out of my crazy busy birthday month of June.

I can enter my 28th year happily knowing that the scale no longer has a strangle hold on me. I have been so busy that I have kind of let my calorie counting and weekly weigh-ins fall by the wayside…this DOES NOT mean my workouts or eating have also fallen by the weigh side – rather, I’ve realized that I have the knowledge inside me to make healthy eating and moderation decisions.

This past year of meticulous calorie counting 5 days a week has created an inherent tendency to eat within/around my daily calorie goal since I know what my days meals should look like…I now have faith in myself to give myself the freedom to make healthy choices without monitoring every piece of food in front of me…in fact, I feel it is easier since I am not constantly thinking about my days meals and when I can eat again.

My lack of time/mind being occupied with other things besides stepping on the scale most mornings…and after a month of no weigh-ins, I hesitantly stepped on the scale. GUESS WHAT?! I LOST WEIGHT! maybe this was just what I needed to relax a bit and live my life, focusing on listening to my body and trusting my own instincts. 🙂

Apologies for the stream of conscience post but I needed to share my good news!


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