Finding a weigh to relax

6 Jun

Some of you may know at this point that I try to cram my week as full of activity and exercise as possible.

My aim most weeks is to work out at lunch and after work 3 days a week and at lunch plus rec sports (flag football and softball) the other two weekdays. On weekends me and the BF walk a gazillion miles around town if it’s nice out and I sometimes also fit in a relaxed run on Sundays.

I’m now feeling the pressure to up my weekly mileage for a half-marathon (even though it isn’t until the end of September). I am also feeling the pressure to look my best and work my a$$ off for purely aesthetic reasons for upcoming weddings and a bachelorette trip to MIAMI in August.

That being said, I know that rest and recovery is incredibly important for a hard working body and also that it will be very important as I continue to up my mileage every week heading in to the half. How then do I get over the guilt I feel about a “day off”? I struggle on the days (like today) that I force myself to relax and take a (well-deserved) break. It seems as though those days weigh on me mentally and make me feel like a blob…which I am well aware that they shouldn’t.

How do all of you hard workers deal with this mindset? Do you even encounter it? Help a sister out and let me know I’m not alone!



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