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Throwing my weight around

7 Jun

For everyone who has a consistently active lifestyle and a deeply engrained routine for your workouts, you know that every now and then you need to switch things up in order to keep getting results.

However, when training for certain things you need to keep doing that exact activity. For example, to train for a race you need to run (among other things).

I have great friends who are all very active and who all have different fitness habits and routines. They have helped me mix things up and kept fitness interesting (and I hope I have done this for them as well) by allowing me to put them through a HIIT bootcamp once a week (weather allowing).

This weekly routine is an incredible way for me to be motivated to research new exercises and try them out. It motivates me to keep trying new things and to think outside the box. It motivates me to keep going on those reps where I want to quit – because after all, how can I yell at my friends for quitting if I do exactly that? (And let’s be honest yelling at my friends is what makes this so fun!! Lol)

Lastly, this once a week fit date motivates me because I’ll never back out knowing I get to hang out with such lovely ladies…even if that means more burpees than I can count.

Just thought I’d give them a little shout out for helping keep my a$$ in line…and for letting me yell at them (with love) when their form is poor.



Finding a weigh to relax

6 Jun

Some of you may know at this point that I try to cram my week as full of activity and exercise as possible.

My aim most weeks is to work out at lunch and after work 3 days a week and at lunch plus rec sports (flag football and softball) the other two weekdays. On weekends me and the BF walk a gazillion miles around town if it’s nice out and I sometimes also fit in a relaxed run on Sundays.

I’m now feeling the pressure to up my weekly mileage for a half-marathon (even though it isn’t until the end of September). I am also feeling the pressure to look my best and work my a$$ off for purely aesthetic reasons for upcoming weddings and a bachelorette trip to MIAMI in August.

That being said, I know that rest and recovery is incredibly important for a hard working body and also that it will be very important as I continue to up my mileage every week heading in to the half. How then do I get over the guilt I feel about a “day off”? I struggle on the days (like today) that I force myself to relax and take a (well-deserved) break. It seems as though those days weigh on me mentally and make me feel like a blob…which I am well aware that they shouldn’t.

How do all of you hard workers deal with this mindset? Do you even encounter it? Help a sister out and let me know I’m not alone!