Life has a funny weigh…

13 Mar

So ladies and gents,

Today I wrote about how lately I have been settling into a new challenging job.

It really reminded me that if you let it, life will surely provide you with a million and one reasons NOT to do things. The trick is figuring out how to do them anyway.

Over the last few weeks my lunch breaks have been few and far between. At first it really bummed me out that I wasn’t able to do my lunchtime strength training classes as regularly as I had in the past. However, I stuck to my plan and added a little more strength training in the evenings. I was proud of myself! Even better missing some of the classes has made me realize how much I really enjoy them. Because of this, I no longer hesitate for even a half a second on the days that my schedule allows me to take advantage of them.

Two years ago I never thought I would be missing the days I couldn’t fit two workouts in…I’m a new person and I like the new me, I don’t think ill be letting the old me come back (at least not without a fight).

Even though I’ve been super busy over the last few weeks I am trying to focus on what I HAVE accomplished rather than where I’ve slipped up. Here is my list and I would love to hear what you’ve done lately that makes you proud:

– ran a new PB 10k on the treadmill
– signed up for a half marathon (even though I’m petrified)
– kept doing push-ups even when I was sure I’d fall on my face
– tried a new workout and didn’t quit even when I was working so hard I was nauseous (Insanity…whoa! Push-up jacks are killer)
– managed to motivate a few friends with my dedication (even though they probably motivate me even more)
– moved up to heavier weights in my strength training class
– managed 20 explosive push-ups in a row and 10 military push-ups

I’m proud of me! Be proud of you too…and if you aren’t, do something you’ll be proud of right now! Why wait for tomorrow?


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