When others see the weigh

6 Mar

Today I was reminded how we get so used to overcoming certain obstacles that we forget that we even have to do so. It becomes a matter of habit, as natural as breathing. Sometimes we are lucky enough that those obstacles are eventually taken away…taking weight off of our shoulders we were unaware we were even carrying.

Today my live-in boyfriend expressed an interest to me in eating healthier and being more regularly active. Now, don’t get me wrong he is far from a couch potato and he eats relatively well. However, his natural athleticism has sometimes led to him slacking off when others would have to push through a barrier and he has been known to dismiss “brown pasta” or “bread with seeds” as non-options.

His expression of interest in choosing a healthier way of life meant today when I was making dinner I didn’t have to wonder if he would think chicken and veggies would be “enough” or if I would have to “sell him” on something new to try or hide a healthy option under sauce. Today I got to make fuss free healthy dinner.

I also know that later when I prepare to hit the gym ill have some company on the walk there (we don’t socialize much while there) and I also know I won’t have any bad influences trying to keep me home because it’s too cold…or late…or what have you.

Today I was reminded how nice it is not having to fight temptation at home. I’m so used to being in this alone and trying to stick to my path despite his efforts…I can’t even begin to imagine all of the energy that was wasted before…now it can go to good use -at the gym!!!

Ill take advantage of today, because as much as I hope he will stay motivated (and I will be his #1 cheerleader), I know tomorrow may mean I’m on my own with my almond “juice”. (He says it can’t be called milk because you can’t milk an almond…in all fairness, he is correct)




One Response to “When others see the weigh”

  1. Colin DeWaay March 7, 2013 at 3:47 am #

    I really hope he stays on board with you! It would make it so much easier (and fun) if that was the case. Either way though you should be proud of doing what you need to do regardless!

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