A new weigh to use protein powder

21 Feb

For some of you, I’m sure this post will be “old news”. However, no matter how many times I read about this trick I refused to believe it worked…so here I am – testifying.

In the past I have purchased some very questionable tasting whey protein powders…admit it, until you found a favorite brand (or maybe you haven’t yet), you were susceptible to buying whatever was on sale. I mean, c’mon, that stuff can be expensive!!! Not to mention how daunting the supplement aisle and/or nutrition stores on the whole, can be.

I always read that you could add protein powder to recipes and that you wouldn’t be able to taste any difference. I was highly skeptical…especially with the toxic concoction I currently have at home – I knew my “vanilla ice cream” would surely put this claim to the ultimate test. Ladies and gents, I am talking atrocious. This stuff has me gagging at the after taste even when I add banana and PB to my shakes. So I thought before I tossed it I would give this oft given nutrition tip a try….what they hey? I was throwing out the powder otherwise.

So, after much research (and a good deal more thought) I decided to give it a try in the a way that would mean the least amount of effort and money. I would add the powder to a pre-made muffin mix. I bought a bran muffin mix, added a touch more water and enough protein powder to ensure that each muffin had a 1/4 scoop of powder (approximately) – 3 scoops. I also added a ripe banana mashed…after all, I figured this recipe could use as much help as it could get.

The end result came out of the oven 18 minutes later…and although I was hesitant (the batter hadn’t smelled all that fantastic when I was filling the muffin tin), I gave the muffins a shot. SUCCESS!!! They tasted great! (Albeit a little dense) The end result was a muffin that was just shy of 200 calories (once the banana, and protein were added) and came out to about 10g of protein…I think these will work great for an after workout snack to pack for the gym and best of all, I don’t have to throw out 40$ worth of whey!

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes…next on my list to try, protein powder pancakes – I’ve heard great things!


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